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Sell My Car For Cash Orlando, We Buy Junk Cars

Now you can make more money by scrapping your vehicle! Great news for people experiencing car quality issues and for the many having vehicular problems. You're only a few steps away from receiving cash for your car. The best part is that when you sell your car, we tow it away for free. Unlike many other companies, our standards and procedures are more realistic and effective towards making a difference when it comes to serving our clients. Professionalism is key when offering such a broad spectrum of vehicle purchasing services.
If selling your car is a priority, we will work hard to make it happen while stuffing your pocket with the most cash possible. You will need to provide a few things, which we will dive into on the upcoming SELL page.


  • We buy salvage & wrecked automobiles
  • You get paid in cash upon our driver's arrival & towing is free
  • You do not need a title to sell your car(proof of ownership required)
  • Make the most out of your car, let Orlando's largest yard make an offer
  • All paperwork provided at time of vehicle purchase
  • There are no fees associated with selling your car with our company
  • Bill of sale receipt provided on request

Junk car removal has many benefits to the consumer and the world around us. Recycling is always the right answer to most of our current pollution problems. Given the amount of scrap and salvage vehicles we see laying around town, there's always room for improvement. Don't deny yourself the extra money, we are here make selling your car the most convenient and simple process with our streamlined procedures and experienced approach.

We will not pressure you into selling your car, however, please keep in mind that our used car payment prices may fluctuate weekly and perhaps daily depending on the current market for aluminum, batteries, ferrous and non-ferrous metals & other vehicle core components.

Do you want to keep spending your hard earned money on an old clunker? It wouldn't be wise to continually pour cash into a dying automobile. We know that people get emotionally attached to their vehicles, but if you truly care for your car, then why haven't you taken care of it? Now the junkyard gets to decide what is going to happen to the vehicle and things usually don't end up well here at the salvage yard. Most vehicles we receive from junk car sellers like yourself are badly worn, driven into the ground, and never had any maintenance done to them. This is a recipe for disaster.

Eventually all older vehicles must be recycled. Even though most modern used vehicles have been around for only 100 years, there are parts and accessories that will degrade and fail over time and unless someone spends a fortune reviving and restoring the car plus it's components, the junkyard shall be the vehicle's final resting place.

Thanks for viewing our business site and we hope you use our services to get quick cash for cars in Orlando & Central Florida.